REU passes on TVA rate decrease

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6-percent cut goes into effect Jan. 1

By The Staff



In today’s economy, consumers take their good news where they can.

Rockwood Electric Utility customers can expect a slight decrease in their bills starting Jan. 1.

REU board approved the 6 percent decrease at last week’s meeting.

The change is a result of TVA’s fuel cost-adjustment that lowered wholesale electric rates during the period.

According to TVA, the rate happened because of a reduction in purchased power and natural gas prices.

REU General Manager Kendall Bear said an average customer can expect about a $5 decrease for every 1,000 kilowatts used.

“On average people will save between $4 and $8,” Bear said.

The decline is mixed news because it barely takes the edge off of a whopping increase last month.

TVA raised wholesale rates about 20 percent in October.