RMC wants to help you get a good night's sleep

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Sleep apnea affects more than 18 million Americans, many of whom do not realize they suffer a sleep disorder.

Roane Medical Sleep Center in Harriman provides evaluations to help those in need of sleep.

The hospital-based sleep center offers advanced testing for sleep disorders within a comfortable and convenient facility.

Dr. Cherridan Rambally, a board-certified sleep specialist, will assess sleep disorders and provide evaluation and assistance for personalized treatment plans. Registered and licensed polysomnograph technicians with advanced training will run the sleep studies.

“Sleep disorders can become a disruptive force in people’s lives, affecting their daily routines, plans, and most importantly, their overall health,” Rambally said.

The range of sleep disorders vary from sleep walking to obstructive sleep apnea. Patients who suspect they suffer a sleep disorder will meet with Rambally for evaluation. The evaluation includes a complete medical history, sleep history and physical examination.

“If a sleep disorder is suspected, the patient may require a sleep study,” Rambally noted. “Usually, sleep studies are suggested for people who suffer from sleep apnea, pathologic sleepiness like narcolepsy or odd nocturnal behaviors such as sleep walking or dream enactment.”

Sleep studies measure factors such as brain wave activity, heart rate, eye movement and oxygen levels while the patient sleeps. A complete sleep study evaluation typically requires only one to two nights of sleep monitoring.

After completion of the sleep study, Dr. Rambally will review the results and determine an appropriate treatment plan based on the patient’s specific sleep disorder.

Treatment options may include behavior modification, dental devices, nasal CPAP — continuous positive airway pressure, surgery or medication, depending on the severity of the sleep disorder.

The patient may also be referred to other specialists as needed. Typical referrals include dentistry, otolaryngology or weight management.

Call 882-0017 or visit www.roanemedical.com for more information about services provided by Roane Medical Sleep Center or a specific sleep disorder.