RMS students vote

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By Dwane Wilder

Rockwood Middle School students got a hands-on civics lesson Monday when they had a chance to vote for the U.S. president in a mock election.
School librarian Maranda Summers, a former history teacher, presided over the election process that included helping students register to vote, teaching information about the candidates through newspaper articles and other sources, and then finally to enter the voting booth and cast a ballot.
“They have to register, and then they go to their grade-level binder.They get a code and a sticker. We try to make it as realistic as possible,” said Summers.
She said around 325 students participated this year in the voting process.
The middle school has held a mock election each of the last three presidential elections over the past 12 years.
Austin Parker, an eighth grader who voted, said everyone should be involved in the voting process.
“You should do it for the good of the country and make sure you know everything about the person and whether they’re safe for the country or bad for the country,” said Parker.
Because RMS students voted while using a new nationwide electronic system, the results weren’t expected to be tabulated until late Tuesday afternoon. Votes in past years had been counted by hand.