Roane County Ambulance Lights

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Catfish John
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I stopped behind a Roane County ambulance at a traffic light. All the ambulance's emergency lights were flashing and the car in front of it wasn't moving. I thought the ambulance must be on its way to an emergency, and the car should move out of it's way. After following the ambulance for a while, I noticed that ALL IT'S EMERGENCY LIGHTS started flashing whenever the driver used a turn signal or stepped on the brake pedal! Don't you think this sends a mixed message to other drivers on the road. I can see where a driver might think an ambulance is responding to an emergency when, in fact, it's only making a left-hand turn. This could cause an accident. First of all, with all the lights flashing, other drivers don't notice the brake lights or turn signals. Second, a driver in front of the ambulance might cause a traffic accident if he thinks the ambulance is responding to an emergency and makes a hasty move to clear the way for the ambulance.

Bill Farnham
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Following the ambulance

When you FOLLOW the ambulance, you can't see all its lights. You only see what's directed to the rear of the vehicle.

Safety studies have shown emergency vehicle operators that operators of vehicles BEHIND the emergency vehicle often do not pay close enough attention when the emergency vehicle slows and/or stops. The outcome is sometimes a rear end collision that prevents the ambulance from completing its task and delaying care, as well as causing injury.

I have seen this on Roane County and other emergency vehicles. The rapod falshing immediately drew my attendtion and caused me to pay attention to what was going on - whether it was a turn signal or merely slowing down or stopping. I sure kept my distance from the rear of the vehicle.

It actually does not turn on ALL the emergency flashers for 360 degrees around the vehicle. Only those to the rear to catch your attention.