Roane County: Great amenities, wonderful people

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Over the past Fourth of July weekend, my family from out-of-town took in the beauty of Roane County in more than a visual appreciation of the offerings Roane County extends. 
Roane County Park’s splash pad was a terrific place to enjoy young children in the safe recreational environment  while providing lake swimming, $5 paddle boat rentals and viewing of the watercraft traveling along the river, all in a very well maintained park. 
To top it off, I expected to pay a fee to use the splash pad — a pleasant surprise to learn the “no-charge” for facility use.
With all the people present and using the park over the busy Fourth of July weekend, the park was spotless, restrooms clean, and all trash containers maintained in order to allow users to toss their trash in a responsible manner.
 To top off the beauty of Roane County, another gesture of our county was exposed. 
On Friday evening, I accidentally left my wallet, which included several dollars and credit cards, in a buggy (shopping cart, as out-of-towners refer)  at Kroger.
The discovery of the missing wallet was not made until late Saturday morning. Upon calling Kroger, I learned a good citizen turned in my wallet with all cash and other items untouched. 
Simply amazing!
I would  like to sincerely thank the person who turned in my wallet, as that person defied what I expected. 
Further, it is a pleasure to be able to say, “only in Roane County” could I find a misplaced wallet, left in a store’s parking lot, turned in with all contents untouched.
The weekend was a blessing, and when people think Roane County is not a great place to live, think a moment longer. 
We are very lucky to have all the amenities available in Roane County and wonderful people to boot! 
Again, thank you to the person who made my weekend a little better by turning in my wallet!
Sarah McCoin
Swan Pond