Roane jobless rate down, but higher than ’10

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Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development statistics released last month indicate that Roane County’s unemployment rate dropped by 0.1 percent in May.

The 8.3 percent rate, however, is half a percent higher than last year, when the state reported the county’s jobless rate at 7.8 percent.

A state ranking of the 10 counties with the lowest unemployment rates no longer includes Roane County, although both Washington and Cheatham counties, respectively in the No. 9 and 10 slots, also report an 8.3 percent May jobless rate.

By the state’s estimates, 26,130 workers in the county’s 28,500 labor force were employed in May.

The Tennessee jobless rate for May was reported at 9.5 percent, a decrease of 0.1 percent. The nationwide rate held steady at 8.7 percent.

Nearby Scott County had the state’s highest jobless rate at 20.8 percent. Lauderdale County had the second-highest rate at 14.8 percent, followed by Middle Tennessee’s Marshall County at 14.7 percent.

Statewide, 24 counties experienced increases, and the rate dropped in 56 counties. Unemployment rates held steady in 15 counties.

Unemployment rates for surrounding counties in April were Anderson, 8.7, down 0.1 percent; Cumberland, 10.4, down 0.4 percent; Knox, 7.4, down 0.3 percent; Loudon, 7.9, down 0.2 percent; McMinn, 11.7, up 0.1 percent; Meigs, 11.9, up 0.1 percent; Monroe, 13.2, up 0.2 percent; Morgan, 10.4, down 0.4 percent; and Rhea, 12.2 percent, unchanged.