Roberts signs with Sewanee

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By Goose Lindsay

Football coaches love tough guys, and that’s what Sewanee University got on Friday with the signing of Kingston fullback/linebacker Brody Roberts.

“This is a dream come true for me.” Roberts said after signing with The University of the South. “Sewanee is a real prestigious academic school, and they have one of the oldest histories in college football. They were an original SEC (Southeastern Conference) member and they’ve been playing football for more than 100 years. They have the oldest football field in the South, and their 13,000-acre campus is beautiful.”

“He really deserves this and I’m happy for him,” Kingston head coach Blair Harrison added. “He was a big contributor on our team this year and he deserves the opportunity to play at the next level.”

To say Roberts was a big contributor is an understatement. In 2012, the 6’2”, 225-pounder led the Jackets on offense with 1,037 yards and 16 TDs rushing while averaging 5.7 yards per carry in the state’s toughest district. He also led the Yellow Jackets on defense with 65 tackles.

“He plays the game at a different speed than most,” Harrison said. “He’s quicker than he looks and has a tremendous football IQ. On defense, he finds the football and on offense, he finds the hole and runs hard.”

Roberts credits his ability to doing what he has been taught and by having a tough-guy attitude.

“You’ve got to have a certain mind-set to be a fullback; you have to be tough,” he said. “You’re going up the middle every play and you’re going to get hit no matter what. When you’re running the ball you have to be a north-south runner, you have to lower your shoulders and have a forward lean.

“The key on defense is being ready. You have to watch a lot of game film and know formations. You have to always take your first step forward and go 100 percent.”

For Harrison, his offense centers on the fullback and he says having Roberts was a blessing in his first year at Roane County High School.

“Our offense relies heavily on the fullback and I didn’t know what I was going to have when I got here,” he said. “But to come in and have a football player like that was great.”

Harrison added that part of what Roberts so successful was how he prepared himself in the offseason.

“For him to be able to play all year for us the way that he did without getting injured speaks to his being prepared physically.”

“I just love playing football so much and I’ve always tried to work as hard as I can to be ready,” Roberts added. “I owe a lot of that to my family, but I also didn’t want to letdown my teammates and coaches. I’ve always wanted to represent Kingston to the fullest.”

As Roberts prepares for the next level, he says he’s not really concerned as to whether he plays on offense or defense. He just wants to do whatever will help the Tigers win games.

“I don’t label myself as a position player,” he said. “I’m a football player and will play anywhere the coaches need. 

“This summer I’ll be working to be stronger and thicker. I’ll also be working on my speed and agility. I’ve got to better myself in every aspect of the game.”

“I have no doubt that he’ll be ready physically,” Harrison added. “My advice for him is to be ready to work in the classroom as well. It’s going to be different than high school because you’ll miss class when you travel so he’s going to have to be ready for that.”

“The academics is going to be hard, but I’ve got to get it done,” Roberts said. “I can’t afford to procrastinate and get behind. I’ve got to do the work, pay attention and take good notes.”