Rockwood man aims gun, rifle

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By Damon Lawrence

Ronald Lewis Underwood, a 54-year-old Rockwood man, was arrested on Oct. 12 for allegedly pointing a handgun and a rifle at one of his neighbors.
Officer Charles P. Haubrich said he encountered Underwood when he was responding to Tedder Street to investigate the incident.
“I then searched Mr. Underwood and I found a fully loaded magazine loaded with 9 mm full metal jacket ammunition in his right front pocket,” the warrant said. “I asked Mr. Underwood where was the handgun that that magazine went to. Mr. Underwood advised he didn’t know, he lost it between his house and 404 Tedder Street. I then found a switchblade knife in his right rear pocket.”
Haubrich said he put Underwood in his patrol car and then spoke with Bryan Ogle.
According to the warrant, Ogle said he was asleep in his camper when he was awaken by a rustling noise outside the door at 4:30 a.m.
When Ogle opened the door, Underwood allegedly had a 9 mm handgun pointed at him.
“Mr. Underwood told him that he was going to meet his maker, because he was going to die tonight,” the warrant said.
Ogle told police he grabbed the gun and shoved Underwood to the ground.
“Mr. Ogle advised that Mr. Underwood had a rifle slung around his shoulder, and while Mr. Underwood was on the ground, he pointed the rifle at him,” the warrant said. “Mr. Ogle then advised that he took the rifle away from Mr. Underwood.”
Haubrich reported seizing the rifle, the handgun and the switchblade.
Underwood is charged with aggravated assault, having a prohibited weapon and public intoxication.
“I smelled an extremely strong odor of alcohol on Mr. Underwood’s breath,” the warrant said.