Rockwood Municipal Airport: The sky is the limit

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Facility a center for community events

By Damon Lawrence

The Rockwood Muncipal Airport isn't just a place pilots use to land planes.


It's also a place people use for community events.

Airport manager Danny Collins said events are held there every fifth Saturday. One took place the end of April, when the Oakdale Area Volunteer Fire Department had a fly-in luncheon.

Kelly Gibson took her two grandchildren.

“They wanted to see planes, and we wanted to support the fire department and airport,” she said.
Jim Briggs, a pilot from Maryville, took to the sky in an Extra 300L and performed tricks for the crowd.

“Danny asked us to come over because they were having this fly-in, and we said we'd be glad to,” Briggs said.

Collins calls the airport God’s country. It's 700 acres surrounded by serene countryside.

Briggs said he’s quite familiar with the airport, having practiced his aerobatic tricks there in the past.

“Danny, the airport manager here, has been very, very nice, where we can come over and sit here in not much traffic and critique each other,” he said.

Collins said events are held every fifth Saturday to not interfere on the happenings at other airports.

“What we try not to do is have a fly-in the same day that Crossville is having one, so everybody can make
all of the fly-ins,” he said.

“It's not to try to rob the other guys’ people to come over. That's why we set it up that way.”

Collins said the airport also provides a place for the car show enthusiast.

“We have events for some of the guys with the antique cars a lot of times,” he said. “We offer them a place to bring vehicles, especially the crew from over at Kingston.”

Rockwood City Council member Peggy Evans is trying to put together an all-encompassing event at the airport.

“I don't have it all worked out yet,” she said. “What we were wanting to do was have a fly-in and have bands come in and have a cruise-in with the cars.”

Evans is one of the airport's biggest supporters. She said the event she's trying to put together could help raise funds for the airport.