Rockwood official claims inspector-hiring illegal

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By Cindy Simpson

Rockwood City Councilwoman Peggy Evans expressed her suspicions of Sunshine Law violations during a vote that established Harold Ishman as a part-time building inspector.
When the resolution was put to the vote to hire Ishman, a former Rockwood City Council member, Evans disapproved.
She also made the accusation that council members were asked in advance if they would vote for Ishman.
“In fact, I want to file breaking of the Sunshine law,” Evans said.
City attorney Greg Leffew said he could not file, that she would have to approach an attorney to do so.
Evans said she had already talked to an attorney and planned to take action.
She also asked why the resolution had previously been pulled from another agenda at a previous meeting.
“I know the reason it was pulled, because it would not have passed,” she contended.
She failed to get support for again  pulling the resolution establishing Ishman in the part-time spot.
Other failed efforts to establish him in the building inspector position had failed previously.
He’ll be paid on an on-call basis.
Evans and Councilman Mike Freeman both continue to support going with county inspectors, who would charge the permit-holders directly.
“We will not lose a penny,” Evans said.
She said she felt it was asking too much of the taxpayers to take on someone that was not qualified and would have to study to take the exam to become certified.
Evans said she understood the building inspector certification exam is difficult and wondered what problems the city might face if any uncertified hires, including Ishman, could not pass the test.