Rockwood teams say thanks

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The boys and girls basketball programs at Rockwood High School would like to thank the following people for the support they have shown our programs this past season:

* Administration, faculty and staff at Rockwood High School

* The student body and cheerleaders at Rockwood High School

* The parents of our players

* The fans who supported our teams

* Matt Gaskins, Jeff Tilley, Guy Thompson, James Wiley Gunter and Alan Reed (clock operators and book keepers)

* Dr. Mancel Wakham

* Goose Lindsay and Roane County News

* Gene Crabtree- bus driver

* Mark Clem and Shelter Insurance- Player of the Month Award

* Sponsors of the gym advertising signs

* Basketball Booster Club with a special thanks to Gene Crabtree, Alan Reed, Loretta Davidson and Cindy Bear

* Maurice Greif- P.A. announcer

 * Parents who helped transport the boys and girls B-team players