Rockwood water fiasco

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I am still in amazement regarding the Rockwood Water Department fiasco from last year. My understanding of it is: a person or persons within the Rockwood Water Dept mismanaged or funneled over one million dollars of user/taxpayer money out of the water dept to someplace else, and, this person or persons were never charged with a crime? It appears as no investigation was performed? And now, we users/taxpayers have incredible higher rates to pay for someones mismanagement (to say the least) or crimes? I call for a complete investigation! The TBI or FBI should be called in for this. Someone needs to at least be punished, fired, fined, and pay restitution. Someone needs to be in prison! This is an outrage! 

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Rockwood Utilities Mgmnt.

Things just don't add up in the Rockwood Utilities Management. And as for the rest of the city, it seems to be the same. Persons found to be misappropriating funds in Rockwood are merely relieved of their duties. And if that weren't enough, they are often rewarded with severance packages. Misappropriation of city funds is a crime when it is done for personal gain. Mismanagement is one thing, personal gain is quite another. Could there be so much going on in the city that nobody wants any of the departing personnel to start telling everthing they know. Why do you find someone in violation of city policy and reward them to leave. Something jusat isn't right and it seems that self discipline isn't working for this city.