Rocky, Leon Houston arrested for contempt of court

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By The Staff

Brothers Rocky and Leon Houston were arrested Thursday morning after Chancellor Frank V. Williams III found them in contempt of court.

The two men, who in 2006 were accused of murder in the shootings of a Roane County sheriff's deputy and ride-along friend, were in court to contest one of their lawyers taking Houston family property in payment for representing him.

Leon was acquitted in the shootings, while Rocky was released as a result of a technical error by one of the judges in the case.

Williams, a no-nonsense judge, first ordered Rocky Houston jailed for not following the judge's directives.

"Arrest that man and take him to jail," Williams ordered bailiffs.

Leon kept talking out of turn, and Williams turned his attention on him. Before Rocky had even been taken away, Williams said, "Sheriff, arrest this man right here for contempt and take him to jail."