Roughed-up family situation cause for alarm for others

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People in our neighborhood were very troubled by Teresa Holt’s letter to the editor a week ago about her family being wrongly cuffed, bruised and roughed up by Kingston and Roane County law enforcement officials.  

If this family was stopped and mistreated solely on the basis of the color of their car matching a robbery suspect, then anyone could potentially be subjected to such frightening physical and emotional harrassment.  

By far, most police officers display politeness, kindness and respect to the public during such stops.  

However, as Holt’s letter implies, some do not!

The most frightening item mentioned was placing and leaving the innocent, handcuffed young lady in the rear seat, turning on the heat at full blast and locking the doors.  

If, indeed, this event transpired as described, it has the unacceptable and torturous appearance of a practice that could well lead to someone’s death if it is allowed to continue unchecked!  

Hopefully, the sheriff will promptly investigate this situation and rectify any unsound practices.

Like us, several of our neighbors did regularly drive to Kingston to shop and eat.  

Now, some have stopped that practice out of anxiety after reading Holt’s letter.  

Additional episodes like this one most certainly will trigger even more lost revenue for the local business economy if they are allowed to continue.  

Assuming that the letter to the editor on Feb. 14 was indeed accurate, it would be reassuring to hear from the sheriff’s office that this “torture by heat” was an aberration that will never occur again.

L. Maxwell