'Round Rockwood

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By Josephine McKinney
We wonder how time flies. We have occupied many hours looking through picture albums and boxes of old pictures that bring back memories of the past. On my 90th birthday I had a surprise dinner when family and friends came from far and wide to help me celebrate, bringing covered dishes and lots of other food. You know my two favorite things to do are eat and sleep. I’m usually awake around five each morning. By ten o’clock, I’m usually ready for a cat nap. I don’t know where that saying comes from but it’s sleeping for a few minutes. That and a few sitcoms each evening, keep me going.

We extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Mrs. Alta Lewis of Harriman, where she made her home near her daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs. Roger McKinney (South Harriman.) She is survived by Dr. Joe (our son) and Mrs. Kathleen McKinney of Chesapeake, Va., their children, Grace, Evan, Nate and Joy; Daniel and wife, Dr. Julia Smith McKinney, son Danny and wife Dr. Glenna Stout Lewis.

Congratulations to Heather Golliher on her 37th birthday on Jan. 16.

Several of the residents of Victorian Square enjoyed a wonderful little trip to the R & R Horse ranch in the Eagle Furnace Community where they saw three horses.

I couldn’t bring myself to go to bed early the other night and miss a minute of the hilarious birthday party for Betty White’s 90th birthday. I thought my 90th birthday was a big bang with all the folks that came bringing me many gifts and even money. They even trusted me to spend the two bills they found in my books in my book case. We had friends to come I hadn’t seen in years and even folks I didn’t even know, but it was a fun time and I love to have fun. Getting back to Betty’s party, they told her a gentleman friend had a surprise gift for her and when they opened the door, in came a well dressed man leading a live white pig. He said “I know you like pork.” The crowd really turned up the laughter and I fell asleep dreaming of fun things that happened when I was on the farm.