'Round Rockwood: Aug. 13

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By Josephine McKinney

Visiting me Tuesday, Aug. 7, were Joyce Ward and Jessica Humphreys.

They came and cleaned my room for me.

Lorene Pinkerton and her son, Trevor Walls, from Spartanburg, Fla., visited Joyce Ward for four days.

While here they visited her daughter, Emily and Wyatt Ward in Knoxville.

We enjoyed very much a family dinner at Junior's Restaurant in Rockwood Tuesday.

Among those present were our sons, Steven and Bonnie McKinney of Eagle Furnace and David and wife Wanda from Lenoir City and granddaughter, Amy McCarroll, our daughter Nina Swafford and her grandson Owen of Crossville.

Owen started school this year and he asked his mother, “Why did the teacher stand me in the corner? I was just talking.”

We can expect beautiful warm sunny days over the upcoming weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Nice weather for church Sunday.

I enjoyed very much the Rev. Brenda Poole's wonderful sermon at Swan Pond United Methodist Church, where I attended with my son Steven and wife Bonnie McKinney.

Television is filled with news of the Olympics in London, England.

Alice Rasman was one of the winners and Kelley Wells was a winner. Lola Jones finished fourth in the 100-meter hurdle team.