'Round Rockwood: Aug. 6

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By Josephine McKinney

We enjoyed a nice visit with our son David and wife, Wanda, who came to visit Friday evening.

We were talking about how much fun it was to stay at Fickey's Store and buy candy and gum or little lollipops.

The bus driver would let children get off long enough for him to go over the bridge and pick up other children and turn around and come back for those who had got off at the store to get back on.

Elinor Crabtree came to our room for a nice visit also. Elinor used to run the little country store in the Eureka community. We talked about those being the good old days.

It was fun to buy big candy bars and gum for 5 cents each. Prices sure have increased on everything we buy anymore.

Elinor Crabtree had a nice visit with her daughter Vickey Crabtree of Middlesboro this week.

Jo Smith has been seriously ill in the University of Tennessee Medical Center. She is now at the home of her son Tuck in Rockwood.

We wish her our best get well wishes from the friends at her table, Virginia Hagler, Nancy Colvin and Josephine McKinney. And her many friends at Victorian Square.

We were happy to have our friend, Lorene Hensley to visit.

Lorene is living in the Kingston community at this time and still works for Roane State Community College.