'Round Rockwood: March 12

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By Josephine McKinney, Community correspondent
We were happy that the tornado that hit so many places in Tennessee, that we here in Rockwood only had wind and rain.

When the storm warning came, there was a knock on my door. “Come quick,” the aide said, “a tornado is headed our way.” And out the door I went — so did everybody in our building. We  headed for the safety of the large underground room.

Here we were kept informed of where the danger was by a man who had a headphone until he said all was clear at 9:45 p.m., you're free to go back to your rooms.

It was a scary  time. Thank goodness it didn't develop as awful as it did in nearby Cumberland County, where two people lost their life besides those who were seriously injured.

We never know when storm clouds may hit us. We do know we must be ready to go. There’s church doors open, and heaven can be our home.

I don’t know of any news you can really use, but I will look for some when I call my gossip line.

Bottled water may cause my thirsty appetite to soar. I’ll just let my children buy it for me, as I do like it a lot.

The TV just said,
“Do you have Pet ProServe,” but my veterinarian's son has solved this problem for his cute little dog he got from the pound. Pepin is a smart dog; he has a small ball he plays with.

When Pepin dropped his ball, it went under my chair. I just knew he couldn't get it, but I guess what he did was get down and run his little paw under the chair and came up with the ball.

For over an hour, he kept us spellbound to what he would come up with next.

We are very proud he has bought our house and plans to move back to Rockwood in the near future.

Pepin is  house broken, knowing when he needs to go outside. I’m sure this dog got too much of the news for the readers of Roane County News.

I have traveled across the U.S. and even Canada, with its beautiful places to see.

 Our tour company had even arranged for our stay in a nice motel where our meals were furnished.

My late husband and I  had been married for 73 wonderful years, made many friends and four wonderful children, David, Steven, Joe and Nina Swafford.

We were blessed to have Eddie Bilbrey come and visit us with his sister, and we sang along with him Sunday afternoon.

Eddie is a very talented young man, I have known him for many years.