'Round Rockwood: May 14

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By Josephine McKinney

May is Older Americans month. The 2012 theme is Never Too Old to Play.

Spring is here, and planting the vegetable garden is progressing along very well in the small garden space we have here at Victorian Square.

We will be planting tomatoes, green peppers, green onions and cucumbers soon.

Later they will be harvested to be used in our kitchen by Gladys, our main cook.

We want to welcome to Victorian Square our new residents, Jimmy Heidel from Oakdale, and Rhibie McCarty. I’m not sure where Rhibie is from.

I enjoyed Benny and Ada East’s recent visit, bringing me a beautiful potted plant of red roses.

I thought they were fresh roses until I discovered they are artificial when I went to water them.

Enjoying a spring break with a trip to Florida are Jack and Louise Woodall of Kingston, Steven and Bonnie McKinney and Shirley Byrd of Rockwood.

I was surprised when Kayla McCarroll stopped by on her way to the home of her parents, Jeff and Sharon McCarroll in Lenoir City.

I would like to share some funny jokes I read. Little boy talking to his grandma. “We’re supposed to write a report on one of the wonders of the ancient world. Tell me all about yourself, Grandma.”

On Presidents Day my grandkids are funny. They honor the president who is on the most money.

I was so surprised when Shirley Byrd came in with a big bouquet of a variety of spring flowers, tulips, blue and purple big iris and white snow on the mountain flowers.

I enjoyed talking to my son Steven, who is visiting the sunny beaches of Florida along with Jack and Louise Woodall of Kingston and Shirley Byrd of Ozone, and other relatives.

They plan to be home Saturday and will tell me all about their wonderful trip then.

Our resident Jack Adkisson held a wonderful Bible Study here at Victorian Square.

Jack is a wonderful, believing young man that really knows the Bible and loves to praise the Lord.