'Round Rockwood: Nov. 12

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By Josephine McKinney

Mickey Smith and Margaret Baker made me the most beautiful quilt for my 91st birthday.

Each square had a small block in the center that represented me growing up on our farm.

One square had two people, a man and woman that represented Gene and me. One square had a little girl representing Nina, our daughter. Another square had three little boys representing our three sons.

One had a cow for the animals we had on the farm. And several others represented life on the farm. One was a bouquet of flowers representing my many flower beds. I loved it.

I was surprised when both Eddie and Angie Gentry knocked on my door.

They came all the way from below Spring City to see me. Friends I hadn’t seen in years.

We are so sorry for all the folks in New York and New Jersey and other states that have lost everything that they had to the hurricane that hit two of the largest cities in the United States.