'Round Rockwood: Oct. 1

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By Josephine McKinney

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mc-Kinney have returned to their home in Lawrenceville, Ga., after visiting me and other relatives for a few days.

I had a nice visit with Sharon Money, Jessica Torries and Cassidy Williams on Sept. 15.

I called my friend Wanda Manning. We talked about growing up in Swan Pond. I am 90 years old, and she’s 97. We had a long visit over the phone and talked about things we had done in the past.

Our son Steven and Bonnie brought me a big bouquet of red knockout roses. I love red roses. They are my favorite flowers.

Mr. and Mrs. George Nelson of Harriman, friends of ours for many years, visited me recently.

Miss Cortney Fallon from Harriman came for a nice visit with Mrs. Valentine Mann recently.

We have had lots of rain that’s been much needed in Eagle Furnace and surrounding communities in our state and beyond.

Steven and Bonnie Mc-Kinney took me to Swan Pond United Methodist Church, where we enjoyed a wonderful sermon by the Rev. Brenda Poole, who has been their pastor for several years.

Her sermons are wonderful.