Safer pedestrian crossings needed on busy streets

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Kingston is a wonderful place to walk if you just want to get exercise along the lakefront.
But if you ever find yourself trying to cross busy Kentucky Street on foot — watch out.
Last week a teenage girl was struck by a car as she was trying to do just that. While her injuries didn’t seem to be life-threatening, the accident could have been deadly.
Even at well-designated major intersections like Race Street at Kentucky Street, pedestrians are dangerously pitted against motorists.
Kingston isn’t the only town that needs crosswalks — or crosswalk improvements.
If you’ve driven through the main drag of Rockwood, you’ve probably seen similar dangers.
The stretch of Hwy. 27 in front of the basketball and tennis courts often has children trying to cross the four-lanes. At night time, they can be very hard to see.
A pedestrian-friendly community adds to the quality of life. And while our communities can boast of certain walker-friendly areas, we leave much to be desired for the people who are walking because they are simply trying to get somewhere.
We hope our community leaders will look closely at the dangers of our nonexistent or inadequate crosswalks.
We can and should do better than this.