Salvation Army thanks small army of bell ringers

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The Salvation Army wishes to thank everyone who helped with the bell ringing this year.

We raised $26,171.55, which is a great deal considering the current economy. It will enable us to help many families throughout the coming year. We are once again indebted to Food City in Harriman and Kingston, Kroger and Walmart in Roane County and Darnell’s Market, Family Dollar and Sav-A-Lot in Morgan County for letting us locate our kettles at their stores.

We appreciate the help with publicity from Roane County News and Morgan County News, and we thank First Bank of Tennessee for their help with counting and depositing donations.

A special thanks this year goes to the kettle captains. They are volunteers who put in a lot of hours managing the kettles and ringing the bells.

They are Joe Currier in Morgan County, Lou Devillon at Walmart, Agnes Knight at Kroger, Bob Lepsig at Food City in Kingston and Tracy Stout, who offered to take Food City in Harriman in honor of her late mother-in-law, Sandra Stout.

Joe Currier and Agnes Knight each rang 25 or more hours. We also had a young serviceman, Chris Washam, who took time to ring while he was home on holiday leave. Great job, everybody! We also want to thank the following groups and individuals for ringing the bells.

Groups: Avery Tree Civitan Club, Bank of America, Bethel Presbyterian and Kingston United Methodist churches combined youth group, Girl Scout Troop 846, Girl Scout Troop 21193, Harriman Fire Department, Harriman United Methodist Church youth group, Kingston First Baptist Church, Post Oak Springs Christian Church youth group, Roane County News, Roane State Community College, Sail Away Academy and Valley View Baptist Church.

Individuals: Tom Abernathy; Anthony and Savannah Adkins; Erin and Delaney Adler; Jessica Ariks; Anna Amonette; Jennie, Cole, Colin and Drew Arden; Chris Babenau; Suzy Badger; Stephanie Bates; Steve Bates; Troy Beets; John Bratcher; Kathy Brautigan; Bob Brodbeck; Jennifer Brooks; Dixie Brown; Tony Brown; Jamie Bunch; Joey and Jo Jo Bunch; John Byrkit; James Carroll; Brian, Christy and Briley Carter; Kay, Kayla and Shayla Christopher; Jeannie Clift; Brandi, Kris, Garrett and Ethan Clifton; Joe, Amy, Charlie, Henry, and Julie Coen; Don Coffman; Janet Collins; Kevin Conroy; Lloyd Cook; Bob Cowan; Barbara Coye; Joe Currier; Randall Curry; Joan and Lou Devillon; Bill Douglas; Chrissy Elsea; Dick Evans; Mike Farmer; Phyllis Fuja; Lee Garrott; Carol Gass; Rudy and Jamie Gillergh; Dick and Donna Girman; Dick Goode; Charles Goodman; Houston Guettner; Tim and Susie Handler; Shelby Harris; Freddie Harvey; Marlene Henry; Bob and Katherine Hubbard; Gary Human; Daryl James; Karen Kaldenbach; Kaitlyn Kirby; Blake Kirkland; Anne and Caney Knauth; Agnes Knight; Dana and Christa Lawson; Jim Leitnaker; Diane Lepsig; Bo Lewis; Leona Long; Ruth Ludwig; Lisa and Sara Maggard; Ryta Manning; Katie Marino; M&M Marshall; Bob Martini; Lily Mashburn; Pam May; Paul McCallie; Roger McKenney; Jack McNew; Shelby Melhorn; Bob Monroe; Wally Moore; Angel Morris; Tom and Sandie Morris; Danny Muecke; Dennis Myers; Evey Nahrstedt; Mary Ogle; Bethany and Susan Ooten; Sue Ooten; John and Helen Parks; Rachel, Maddison and Nathan Pearson; Mary Pennington; Tracy Pesterfield; Mark Peterson; John Phipps; Wanda Pinkerton; Tom Quaranto; Charlie Ray; Bill and Roberta Rhyne; Mary Ryan; Zoe Sams; Dolores Sandmel; Kristie Scwint and children; Liz Singley; Mike Smith; Nikki Smith; Verilyn Smith; Sharon and Paul Stephenson; Helen and Dave Stevenson; Ashlyn and Kaitlyn Stiles; Terry Stooksbury; Abbey, J.J., John F., Melissa, Samantha, Stephanie, Steven, Tabby and Tracy Stout; John Sublett; Norma Templeton; Karen Thacker; Ken Thoms; Robbie and Julia Thornton; Connie Todd; Morgan and Tiffany Vann; Phil and Jane Walsh; Chief James, Lisa, Chris, Tara, Maleah and Savannah Washam; Darrell Williams; Cathi Willis; Gary Wolfe; Ron Woody; Don Wright and Jim Yankie. We know many of you rang several times and we appreciate the hours you put in.

If we missed anyone or misspelled your name, please forgive us, as it was not intentional.

Last but not least, a big thank you to everyone who dropped money in the kettles. Your generosity makes it possible for us to help many people all year long. God bless you all.

Marie Ruby, Salvation Army publicity chairwoman