School board members need to open their eyes

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Kudos to the Roane County News staff and County Budget Director Kaley Walker for bringing to light the new $585 mailbags to be purchased by our director of schools, Gary Aytes.
The article describing how Mr. Aytes is considering the purchase of two designer briefcases made in Italy doesn’t look good for a director who is agonizing over what he can cut from the school budget since no property tax increase was approved, and therefore, the school budget is looking at a huge shortfall.
More than $1,000 for two bags may not seem like a lot of money for some, but I’ll bet there are plenty of teachers who would love to have some of that money for supplies, etc.
By the way, who will get the honor of carrying these fine briefcases?
In light of the present budget woes, I am very disappointed and surprised that Mr. Aytes would even consider such a frivolous expenditure.
What kind of message does this send?
Come on, school board members, do your job and keep a closer eye on what’s going on and how you new hires are performing their duties and spending the taxpayers’ money.
Future raises should be tied directly to job performance and not just the “good old boy” system we see so much of in Roane County.
It’s like our elected officials — who were, by the way, elected to represent “we the people” —think the taxpayers’ pockets are bottomless pits of money.
From the new jail fiasco to the Taj Mahal, and no to the fancy mail bags, where does it end?
What has happened to living within your budget?
Everyone needs to sit up and take notice.
Exercise your right to vote or Kingston and Roane County are going to end up like Detroit — bankrupt.
Mary Oran