School grants total more than $2.3 million

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By The Staff


Morgan County News Editor

Morgan County School children are benefiting from some $2.3 million in grant funds that have been obtained by the local school system.

During Monday night's meeting, Director of Grants Kathy Carroll gave members of the Morgan County Board of Education a spreadsheet showing grants currently in place in Morgan County.

The two larger grants fund the 21st Century Community Learning Center (after school programs, $540,000) that are being held in every school district inside the county and the Pre-K program ($749,000).

Other grants include Fit 4 Life and Safe Routes to School.

Carroll said she is proud of the success Morgan County has had in obtaining grants to improve the quality of education for Morgan County students. She is especially proud of the success of the after school program which is in its fourth year.

“We’re very proud of all of our grants and the things they allow us to do for the betterment of children in Morgan County,” said Director of Schools Mike Davis.

Davis also expressed his frustration to the Board regarding siding replacement needs at Sunbright School.

Davis has put the item out for bid a couple times now and not had any takers.

Davis and Board member Jim Rivers believe the lack of bids stems from the need of metal siding.

“We’ve got to stop the water that’s running down the wall of the gym at Sunbright,” Davis said.

He also shared his concern with the board regarding a drainage problem that is allowing water to get into one classroom at Oakdale. He assured the board that he will continue to seek and find solutions to the problems.

The Board has also approved the eighth grade trips to Washington, D.C. for the spring. Students from Central Middle are scheduled to make the trip May 3-9 while students from the other schools will travel April 20-25.