Scoliosis screenings recently completed on sixth-graders

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In addition to the mandated health screenings each year, Roane County Schools was able to offer scoliosis screenings this year for sixth-grade students.

The screenings are recommended by the state and were offered to the sixth-graders compliments of Dr. Linda G. Hunter at Kingston Chiropractic.

“Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that affects up to 10 of every 100 young people at a time when the bones are growing the fastest — ages 9-14,” Hunter said.

“Scoliosis is often first detected when the young person is around age 11,” she added. “If detected early, treatment can be offered to prevent other problems later in life.”

More than 400 sixth-grade students, with parent permission, were screened for spinal irregularities.

Karrie Martrain, technician with Kingston Chiropractic, performed the screens and made recommendations based on her measurements.  

Three measurements were taken.  Students stood with their backs to the device, and parallel measurements were taken at the base of the spine, the shoulder area and the base of the skull.  

Based on Martrain’s findings, curvature was determined to be in either normal or borderline ranges, or needing further evaluation.

Letters indicating the results were left with the school nurse. Only those indicating a recommendation for further evaluation were sent home.  

Parents with questions about the letter — or those who did not receive a letter and have questions are asked to contact the school nurse or Kingston  Chiropractic.   

Dates of scoliosis screenings were Nov. 9, Midway Middle; Nov. 11, Oliver Springs Elementary; Nov. 16, Rockwood Middle; Nov. 18, Harriman Middle; and Nov. 30, Cherokee Middle.

Contact Patti Wells, school health coordinator, at pawells@roaneschools.com or 882-3700, Ext. 1910, for additional information about this or any other health initiative in Roane County Schools.