Secret City Fest in search of a winning design

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One of the most recognizable items at Oak Ridge’s Secret City Festival is the T-shirt.

It’s been red; it’s been blue; it’s been tie-dyed; it’s glowed in the dark. But it’s pretty much had the same design year after year – a T-shirt with a logo on it.

The past two years, festival coordinators ventured off the beaten path and created a commemorative shirt for the 65th anniversary of the End of World War II and a special shirt for the ninth annual festival, which incorporated a slew of words and phrases related to Oak Ridge and the Secret City Festival.

This year, they’re looking for an even more creative T-shirt, and they’re reaching out to the community to help with its design.

“There are some excellent graphic artists in our area, from students to professionals, and we’d love to incorporate their work into this year’s festival,” said Joye Montgomery of the Secret City Festival.

The Arts Council of Oak Ridge is heading up a design contest for the 2012 Secret City Festival T-shirt. Entries will be taken through Jan. 15.

The creator of the winning design will receive a $250 cash prize, and the contest is open to anyone who wishes to enter a design.

Designs should be submitted as a PDF (portable document file) no later than Jan. 15. Submissions, including PDF, name and current contact information, should be sent to orarts@comcast.net.

Design should include the dates for the upcoming festival (June 15-16) and should incorporate Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The Secret City Festival logo will be imprinted on one side of the T-shirt, and while it may be used for inspiration, it cannot be used in the T-shirt design.

Designs can be up to three colors.

The winning design will become the property of the Secret City Festival and may be modified as needed for size and color.

The winning design will be determined by a special committee. Designs will be judged on creativity and representation of the Secret City Festival as a diverse community event. Contact Montgomery at 865-482-4432 for details.

The 10th annual Secret City Festival is a community festival presented by the city of Oak Ridge, Arts Council of Oak Ridge and the Oak Ridge Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The event features one of the South’s largest World War II re-enactments; free activities for toddlers, children and youth; a juried art show; arts and crafts; historic displays about the history of Oak Ridge and its role in the World War II Manhattan Project; tours of the Y-12 National Security Complex and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; music and entertainment.