Secretary of State Clinton did right by the country

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In response to Lance Douglas’ letter printed here on Feb 1, I have to agree with everything he wrote except for the following:
1. No, even if the ambassador’s name had been Gillum, I would not have felt differently regarding Hillary’s sensitivity.

Instead, I would have wondered why the ambassador didn’t exercise good judgment and, exercising his authority, depart the outpost in Benghazi until security, adequate to the situation, was in place.

2. It has generally been reported that polls show worldwide popularity and respect for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

3. Hand-in-the-cookie-jar tantrum, Mr. Douglas? I hardly think so. When the badgering by her Republican tormentor became ridiculous Mrs. Clinton dressed him down with a sharp response as if correcting a spoiled child.

Unfortunately this will provide footage for the attack ads against any attempt she may make to gain a major political office in the future.

4. She accepted responsibility for the unfortunate events in Libya, on national TV, in front of the world — and you missed that with your crystal clear vision? Oooooh, my!  

B.J. Gillum