Senate allows dangerous gun loophole to stand

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My fellow Americans,
Now, this is what American independence is all about.

This week, the Senate rejected extending background check requirements for gun purchases to gun shows and Internet sales.  

We, as American citizens — whether we are recently released from a prison sentence for domestic violence, a violent felony or are suffering from a mental impairment that makes us a threat to ourselves, our family or neighbors — still have the right to purchase an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and unlimited ammunition without a background check at a gun show or on the Internet.

We can’t let the disaster at Newtown, Conn., or the 3,400 deaths by guns since then (probably an exaggeration by the president) deprive us of our second amendment rights, can we?

Rise up Americans, arm yourselves now!

We all know the government is coming to take our guns and to enslave all of us, and that could happen before the alien who is presently masquerading as our president leaves office.

Or will he remain in office for life in defiance of our constitutional term limit requirement?

I hope we can find a way to have Rand Paul, aka Son of Ron, take over the White House soon. Thank goodness he announced he is considering a run for President in 2016.

If you agree with this commentary, please call BR-549; you’ll be glad you did!

B.J. Gillum