Senate attack dogs might need to watch wheels

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There’s a curvy shaded lane that leads to the entry of the subdivision where I live.

Two brindle cur dogs have prowled a particular curve where I must slow down to safely drive through.

For two years these mutts have crouched in the ditch, camouflaged by their colors, ears laid back and eyes just above the ditch line.

When they think I have exposed my flank, they attack the cars wheels, snapping and snarling as though to tear them apart.

In seconds their game is over and I have been sufficiently startled for their pleasure — they trot back to their positions to wait for the next car.

It’s useless, unproductive and unprovoked attack for their own gratification.

Much like these dogs, U.S. Sen. John McCain has sullied his stellar career of service to his country by joining the worst attack dog of all, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, in charging at the flank of Susan Rice.

It is an obvious attempt to discredit this brilliant woman and stop her career advancement.

I believe it is a tactic that they think will cloud the urgent need to deal with the deficit and somehow distract the President from his stated goals — a diversionary attack.

What happened to the lessons of the election?

I am highly disappointed in McCain, but Sen. Graham is hopelessly predictable.

With his chin up and condescending look, he hopes to scare people with his power — that doesn’t work anymore.   

I fear the result if the dogs in my neighborhood get too close to my wheels.

And I can hardly wait until these two attack-dog senators have a chance to duel with the intellect of Susan Rice.          

My thoughts,

B.J. Gillum