Sex offender on probation for misdemeanor assault

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By Damon Lawrence

James Tiegs was sentenced to six months probation on Nov. 22 for a misdemeanor assault conviction.

“He’s good to go now,” Tiegs’ attorney Chris Cawood said.

Tiegs was originally charged with aggravated sexual battery, but a Roane County jury only found him guilty of the misdemeanor offense during his trial in July.

Tiegs, 51, is a registered sex offender who has convictions in Arizona for attempted sexual exploitation of a minor and dangerous crimes against children in the second degree.

Jurors didn’t hear about his prior convictions during the trial because of rules that limit what the prosecution can bring up about a defendant’s past. Prosecutor Bill Reedy said one of the jurors “about passed out” when he told her about Tiegs convictions following the trial.

Cawood described Tiegs as an upstanding citizen, and said he’d trust Tiegs to watch his grandchildren.

“He’s a good guy, but with those kind of convictions it’s hard to even find a job,” Cawood said. “He’ll do the best he can.”

The Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry list Tiegs’ address as 130 Garrett Street, Harriman.

“I think they treat these sex offenders worst than they do murderers,” Cawood opined. “You get out after being a murderer and you don’t have to be on any kind of registry.”