Shame on us all for freezing death of local veteran

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I am writing about something  that bothers me to the core.

How did we let this hero, Ray Knight, who served in the Korean War, slip through the cracks?

I’ll tell you how. In 2005, I deployed with the 4th Infantry.  

Being a veteran of the Operation Iraqi Freedom, I know from experience that the Veterans Administration is disorganized.

And, quite frankly, what happened a reflection of today’s society. All people are concerned about is “American Idol” and their silly Facebook pages.

We ought to be ashamed of this sad event.  

The police knew this man was basically homeless. They should have checked on him.

They’re too busy trying to ruin people’s lives with petty drug possession charges.  

When is the last time you heard of the police doing something nice?

I see this as  a sign for us to stop and look at what we’ve become — a selfish, disloyal society.

I am glad to think I am not part of this mainstream bandwagon of New Age ideas.

I am a veteran, and I hold on to my old-fashioned values.

I am proud to be from Tennessee. I belong in another time.

This man served his country.  

We let him down.

Michael Evans