Sharpton taking advantage of Martin outcome

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Trayvon Martin’s death has triggered the Rev. Al Sharpton to instigate a national response.
The weekend talk shows have this upheaval front and center and it will sizzle on the skillet of public opinion until the next newsy event, probably the arrival of Kate’s baby.
So what will all this demonstrating and talking achieve?
Nothing, I suspect, since the vast majority of the general public has already moved on and understand why the verdict was “not guilty.”
One has to wonder where Sharpton was when the young white couple in Knoxville was abducted, ravaged and heinously killed — where was his disgust, his outrage then?
Why was there not national outrage, marches and mass civil disobedience?
Is it possible that each act, good or bad, should be viewed on its own merits and not taken to represent a national trend?
We are a country of laws and the law must be respected, upheld and applied evenly.
Just because your ox was gored does not justify you to expect special treatment.
The law speaks for all America’s citizens — not just Al Sharpton!
President Obama said that Trayvon Martin could have been him 35 years ago.
Yes, and the murdered couple in Knoxville could have been me and my wife 55 years ago.
The law is the law and must be honored and respected if we are to call ourselves a nation of laws.
Instigating impressionable youth to commit more racist crimes is not a good way for Sharpton to solve his professed concerns.
He should know better!
B.J. Gillum