A simple card is nice reminder of officer’s presence

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I live out in the country, and I find it very comforting to find a card in the  mailbox informing me that an Roane County deputy has been by my house.

In this day and time, we’re so busy that we don’t always see a patrol car, but  it’s nice to know one has been in the neighborhood.  

I would think that when that card is placed in the mailbox in the middle of the night that the officer looks for anything out of the ordinary.

I’m curious to know how Mr. Hall proposes to let folks know his deputies have been in the area.

The article in the Roane County News stated that he worked for Stockton and “put cards in mailboxes because that was what he was instructed to do. But we’re going to do a little better than that.”

I certainly wouldn’t want to be awakened to be informed of a visit.

Perhaps the county could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up an automated phone-call system to inform citizens that they have been patrolled.  

I’m sure those calls would come during dinner.

Sue Lewis