Skinner invention handy to gardeners

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By Katie Hogin

Most everyone improvises with resources at hand in order to create a convenient way of completing tasks.

For Martin Skinner of Kingston, one of those conveniences include the Koil Kaddy, which helps him tote his coil hose while gardening.

“Most everybody is an inventor,” 87-year-old Skinner said while displaying his patent-pending Koil Kaddy that he has worked on for nearly seven years.

The Koil Kaddy conveniently stores coil hoses, which have been in stores for years, on frames made out of both PVC piping and hard plastic that run down to criss-crossed bases.

“The important facts are that the hose itself does not have to be handled, and the hose can be stored at any location and not always in the same place,” he said.

This proves to be a valuable asset for Skinner, who has a history of back problems and, with the aid of the Koil Kaddy, doesn’t have to physically pull up heavy, water-logged coil hoses.

“This is the first time I’ve done something that I thought had commercial value,” he said.

Having worked with many inventors for 30 years doing patent work, Skinner understands the difficulty in the patent and marketing processes.

“The marketing of any invention is the hardest part there is,” he said.

After waiting for two and a half years, Skinner’s past employer, Knoxville patent firm Pitts & Brittain, succeeded in obtaining a patent for the Koil Kaddy on March 3, 2009.

Currently, homemade production is too expensive for the Koil Kaddy to fully take off, and Kansas-based Millennium Marketing Group has been searching out a production company to keep costs minimized.