Soccer Jackets suffer shutout

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Roane Newspapers

Thursday night at Dr. Nat Sugarman Memorial Field was the time and place for the matchup between the Cumberland County Jets and the Kingston Yellow Jackets in a fierce and competitive soccer match.

Both teams came into the game with a good defensive game plan, but unfortunately for the home standing Jackets, the Jets were able to get on the board twice on the night, while taking home the 2-0 victory.

Kingston’s goal keeper, Tyler Miles, came out determined and focused as he was on his heels for most of the first half, while the Jets were mainly on the offensive end of the field. 

The first five minutes of the match tested Miles as three shots on the goal were fired and Miles was successful in keeping them from hitting the net and giving up a point for his Yellow Jackets. The Jackets weren't successful in pushing the ball past midfield towards the Jets goal in the first part of the game.

Cumberland County's Brenden McCart was set up nicely for what looked like was going to be the Jets first goal at the 10-minute mark of the first half, but Miles was having none of that as he managed to come up with a great save followed by a deep kick back to midfield. 

The Jackets started making momentum and got a very good offensive push with what was looking like would resort into a Yellow Jacket goal, but the Jets buckled down and didn't let any damage be done. 

Cumberland County's Christian Mena-Lopez had some very good offensive possessions and good looks on the goal in the first half, but Miles kept them out each time.

The Yellow Jackets were starting to get their offensive rolling, as Zach McCoig got a good look at the net at the 18-minute mark, but he was stopped by Cumberland County's Xane Hazelwood.

With seven minutes left in the period, Cumberland County had a wide open goal, as Miles had got drawn out a little, but Brenden Crtichley made what was the most impressive defensive play of the night as he came out of nowhere to cover the net and not allow the Jets to score.

With one minute left in the period, the Jackets scored a goal from Kiren Lamoreux. The excitement from the home fans wasn't long-lived, however, as it was erased because of an offside violation.

There was very little offensive action in the first few minutes of the second half but at the 33:27 mark, Cumberland County's Ronnie Greer got the first point on the board as he nailed in a kick that seemed to look unstoppable. 

The Jackets responded to this is in a good way as they got several pushed towards the net, but could never capitalize.

The Jackets offense seemed to disappear towards the end of the contest and as they were playing on their heels then Mena-Lopez picked up his first goal of the night to put the Jets up 2-0.


The Jets were able to hold on to this lead as they went back up the Crossville with a 2-0 victory.