This space is dedicated to the givers among us

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Are you one of the people who dropped a handful of coins  — or more — in a Salvation Army bucket?
Perhaps you gathered boxes and cans of food for one of the many drives to help feed the needy.
Maybe you donated pet supplies to the new pantry to help needy families feed and keep their pets.
Or perhaps you gave generously to United Way, Operation REACH or one of the many other causes that can help people here in Roane County and beyond.
If you are one of those who gave what you could, whether it be a little or a lot, we thank you.
And if you didn’t or couldn’t give, we wish that next year will be good to you so that you will be able to share with the less fortunate.
There is nothing like the feeling you get when you see a child — or someone you know who has little to give — doing his part to help someone else.
These small gifts, when added together, can give hope to someone who really needs it.
And that’s the biggest gift of all.