State Rep. Hurley gets in the wrong groove on desk

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By Damon Lawrence

State Rep. Julia Hurley decided to make her mark in the House chamber during this year’s session of the General Assembly.     
“I did carve my initials into my desk on the floor the last night of session,” she said by email.
Hurley, R-Lenoir City, said such things are not uncommon. 
“It was really more of a nostalgic gesture that many of us do,” she said. “I suppose I made mine quite visible and too large.”
Hurley, 29, is in her first term as a state representative.
Her district includes Roane County and Lenoir City.
“In light of the newest laws I am working on this summer, co-sponsoring the Casey Anthony law and my new immigration laws, I feel that this desk is not a news story,” she said.