Steak knives used in pool-shooting debate

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One man cut, other arrested

By Damon Lawrence

An argument over who is the better pool player has a Rockwood man in trouble with the law.
J.C. Chapman was charged with aggravated assault on March 30.
According to the arrest report, Rockwood police responded to 922 Bayless St. at 9:44 p.m.
Police said Cynthia Moak said Charles Cofer and Chapman had gotten into an argument over who plays pool better, and Chapman went after Cofer with two steak knives.
Cofer, police said, corroborated her story.
“Mr. Cofer further stated that he ran out of the house to get away from Mr. Chapman, but he did punch Mr. Chapman,” the police report stated. “In doing so, (he) received a laceration on the inside of his right forearm.”
Officer Charles P. Haubrich said he spoke with Chapman about the incident.
“I didn’t notice any marks on Mr. Chapman, but I did notice a laceration on the inside of Mr. Cofer’s forearm,” he wrote about the incident.
Chapman is scheduled to appear in court on the aggravated assault charge in May.
Cofer was not arrested.