Stiches close to the heart

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Local women use their creative hands to warm those in need

By Kaitlin Keane

Hard work, dedication and pure enjoyment can be found stitched together within the Kingston Community Center Quilters club.


Six local Kingston women meet twice a week in three hour blocks at the community center taking part in a dying art.

“Not a lot of people hand quilt any more,” Diane Lepsig said, “but the bottom line is we have fun doing it together.”

These friends have become more of a family sharing stories and lunches on a weekly bases.

“We’re way cheaper than therapy,” Evelyn Nahrstedt joked, “but that all depends on how much we spend on fabric.”

Frequent shopping sprees at local fabric shops make for a good time too.

“We used to go shopping for clothes now its fabric,” Betty Tedder said.

“It’s a weakness.”

Along with having a good time the quilting group also gives back to the community. At least once a year the women try to help by completing one quilt for charity. They have helped a variety of different charities along with local needy families in the past.

Pieces of patriotic fabric in the falling charms pattern lay stitched together as a twin size quilt is in the making.

This year the group is currently working on a quilt for a hospice veteran at Home Health Care of East Tennessee in Harriman.

“We’ve worked with them before and wanted to help a veteran,” Lepsig said, “It is a good cause.”

The Kingston Community Center Quilters have been together for over 20 years. All are welcome to join the club, but a time commitment is involved.

They meet Tuesdays and Thursday at the community center.

Along with the charity quilts the club takes turns working on each others personal projects the remainder of the year.