Stockton once demoted sheriff’s hopeful

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Four-hour response time among issues cited in letter to Hall

By Damon Lawrence

Jared Hall left the Roane County Sheriff’s Office two months after he was demoted from sergeant to deputy.

Hall, who now works for the Rockwood Police Department, has said he plans to run for sheriff in 2014.

Sheriff Jack Stockton explained the reasons for the demotion in a letter to Hall dated Nov. 21, 2011.

“In the past couple of years there have been several occasions where you have failed to be efficient as a supervisor,” the letter said.

The letter, signed by Stockton and Chief Deputy Tim Phillips, cited the following examples:

“• Nov. 17, 2011, you were counseled again about your shift failing to serve civil papers on 2nd shift.”

“• July 19, 2011, failed to call in to notify staff that you were going to be taking a day off.”

“• July 19, 2011, counseled by Chief Phillips and Chief (Garvin) Morris for failing to approve reports in a timely manner. Also the chiefs counseled you because you continually allowed your shift to turn reports in late.”

“• June 28, 2011, counseled by myself and Chief Phillips about not making decisions and failing to report issues about the staff to myself or the chief.”

“• June 2, 2011, I counseled you about Charlie Cisson not turning in completed reports.”

“• July 29, 2010, you were counseled about prioritizing calls, and it took four hours to respond to a call in Oliver Springs.”

“• Several occasions you have been late for shift.”

The letter, obtained through a public records request, called Hall inefficient as a supervisor because of those incidents.

“You have been given enough opportunity to correct these deficiencies,” the letter said.

“It is apparent that your supervisor skills haven’t been satisfactory. There is a clear pattern of these continued deficiencies and it has affected the operations of the 2nd shift patrol.”

Hall “refused to sign,” according to the letter.

“I do remember the issues with the reports and not prioritizing calls and things like that,” Stockton said Friday. “That’s one of the reasons we removed him from the position and put another sergeant in charge of the shift.”

Hall declined to comment on the incidents cited in the letter when contacted Friday.

“I’d rather not because, to me, that’s throwing rocks, and I’m not about badmouthing my opponent or speaking bad of other people, because that’s not the kind of person I am,” Hall said.

According to personnel records, Hall worked for the sheriff’s office from January 2003 to January 2012.

“It is with great sorrow that I am tendering my resignation from the Roane County Sheriff’s Office,” Hall wrote in his resignation letter.

He worked under Stockton and former sheriff David Haggard, who Stockton beat in the August 2006 election.

Stockton will be seeking his third term in 2014. Hall implied that politics may have played a part in his demotion.

“It was rumored then that I might be running for sheriff, and it just kind of got impossible to work there, just being blunt,” he said.

“Other than that, I’d just rather not say a whole lot.”

Hall also said he’s never seen the Nov. 21, 2011, letter, which said he refused to sign.

“I have no idea what they may have came up with to put in that paper,” he said.

Stockton said if Hall didn’t see the letter, it’s because he refused to pick it up and read it.

“He had been counseled,” Stockton said. “It had been read to him and he knew what was going on.”

Another letter dated June 24, 2010, said Hall was given a written verbal warning for not calling in sick on June 18, 2010.

Election Day is Aug. 7. Candidates can start picking up petitions on Jan. 3.