Strangers’ help, kindness lifts motorist’s heart

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One Sunday evening several weeks ago, just after dark, I was traveling home from Oliver Springs to Harriman along Hwy. 61.

About five miles from home, I swerved left to miss firewood that had fallen from a truck into my lane.

The result was a bent right front wheel, flat tire and no injuries.

I was able to bring the car to rest on the right side of the roadway, out of traffic lanes, and called a wrecker.

As I waited along the roadside with flashers on, many people stopped to ask what had happened and to make sure I was all right. Two young gentlemen kept me company until the wrecker arrived.

These kind people, especially the two young gentlemen, know who they are, and I thank them for the kindness.

Events like this make me proud to live in Roane County.

Elaine M. Patterson