Stubborness is to blame for federal govt. shutdown

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And we thought North Korea was obstinate until U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz led the right wing of the Republican Party off the tracks.

Stubborn as a Guinea fowl in the middle of a country road, he keeps making the same sounds and looking over his shoulder for his followers to see if they are still in lockstep with him.

What happened to “regular order” in the House and Senate?

Is this chaos a part of the new American exceptionalism some leaders like to crow about or just the new normal?

When do the canings begin; the duels, the assassinations, hostage taking?

NOW it is OK for John Boehner to cry in public!

Yet another fiery plea by “whispering” Harry Reid failed to convince the recalcitrant Repubs that restraint and reason are needed in order to keep the government open for business.

And as all the talking heads predicted — the federal government  closed.
Well, does anyone really care?

I think they all should go home and play golf, enjoy the color changes of the fall season, just do what they want to do for recreation and rest.

The President should take the trip to the Philippines.

That way, it is unlikely that they can do any serious harm to the country until they return for the fight over the debt ceiling.

Rand Paul can just stay in hiding until he sheds his “extremist” skin in preparation for his inevitable run for President in 2016.

Rand and Ted vs Hillary and Joe; I can’t wait!     

Have you noticed the correlation between eyebrows that slope like a chalet roofline and how a person will get a sympathetic reception by the public?

Check out newsman Bryan Williams and Ted Cruz.

If their eyebrows were tilted in the opposite direction would anyone watch either of them?

I think not.

They would appear threatening, predatory —  no matter what came out of their mouths.

I think this may be a flaw in our psychological makeup that makes us vulnerable to the Ted Cruzs of the world.

I point this out to make the contention that some of the way we feel politically may be engrained in our genetic makeup ­— making it likely that the chaos that exists in congress will never end.

B.J. Gillum