Tax bills finally hit the mail

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By Damon Lawrence

People who own land in Roane County no longer have to wait to find out how much they owe in property taxes.

Roane County Trustee Wilma Eblen said the new tax cards are in the mail.

“Part of it was taken to the post office yesterday (Monday), and the remainder of it was taken this (Tuesday) morning,” Eblen said, “so everyone should be getting them soon.”
Normally people would have received the cards around the first of October, but this year’s controversial countywide reappraisal caused a lot of delays.

Eblen said her office started working feverishly to get the new cards in the mail after receiving the information from the property assessor’s office last week.

It took up part of her Thanksgiving weekend.

“We worked all day Wednesday and then came in Friday and Saturday,” she said.

People don’t have to wait for the cards to come in the mail to find out how much they owe.

Eblen said they can call or go by her office at the Roane County Courthouse to get the information.

Some people have paid without receiving a card.  
“We started taking payments last Wednesday,” Eblen said. “We had to wait until the programmer updated everything. When the programmer did that and it balanced, we started accepting payments.”

Eblen said property owners can also make payments at Regions Bank locations in Oliver Springs, Harriman, Rockwood and Kingston.  

“Regions Bank will accept the payment and then forward it to us,” Eblen said. “Once we receive it, we mail them a receipt.”

Eblen said people will need their tax card to make a payment at Regions.

Eblen said she hopes being able to make payments through the bank will be more convenient for the people.

With limited parking, the courthouse in Kingston is not the easiest place to get to some days.

“We had so many people coming in, and they couldn’t get in the parking lot,” Eblen said. “We understand that, because there’s times I can’t get in the parking lot. It’s just a convenience for the people that have trouble walking, can’t find a place to park or whatever.”