Teacher gets a two more votes of support

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Just wanted to send a quick note of what a wonderful teacher Debbie Hayes was when we were in her kindergarten class.  
We still remember her taking Julie’s class to her house for an Easter egg hunt.  
Mrs. Hayes has always stood out in our memories because she was such a kind and caring teacher and made learning enjoyable.  
She gave us and many others a good start to education.
We are not surprised that Mrs. Hayes has taught for 38 years without a blemish in her records.  
We know that there are two sides to every story and find it very hard to believe what the news media is printing.
We don’t believe that she would ever intentionally do anything to hurt a child in any way.
If we had children or grandchildren at Bowers, we would want them to be in her class. We have nothing but fond memories of our time in her class.
We want Mrs. Hayes to know that we are thinking about her during this time and will keep her in our prayers.
May God give her the strength and endurance she needs to move on past this trial so that she can continue to be the wonderful teacher we know.
Dottie Beach and Julie Futrell