Technology Center has happy secret you should know

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I recently donated a computer to the Tennessee Technology Center in Roane County.  

I met with Sheila Hicks, the business office secretary for the school, who informed me that Tennessee Technology had a full cosmetology department where they do hair color ($10), manicures ($6), pedicures ($9), facials ($6), haircuts ($6) — and the list goes on.   

Both men and women in the community are encouraged to come in and benefit from their services.

In the past, I have spent more than $60 for hair color at beauty salons and had to come back a second time as the color was too yellow. Although the salon didn’t mind redoing the color, I was not pleased to sit through the process again.   

I started coloring my own hair. After many different shades of blond  from shampoo-in hair coloring, I found my attempts were just not working.

I decided I would give Tennessee Technology a try. The surprise was the warm welcoming and great service I received at the school.  The instructor, Karla Love, treated me like a guest in her home. She is friendly, smiles and, through example, shares a warm, loving spirit with her students.

Watching her instruct was a pleasure.  I felt I was witnessing a mother gently guiding her children.

The students reflect that same gentleness and living care as they perform their learned skills.  

Many instructors can teach skills, but not everyone can create a learning atmosphere.  Kudos to Karla Love.

Anyone who would like to make an appointment at: Tennessee Technology Center’s cosmetology department should call 882-3487 or 882-6703.

Anna Waldman