Temperance Bldg. gets holiday gift

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’Tis the season for giving, and Harriman’s historic Temperance Building is among gift recipients this year.

Harriman Temperance Restoration Committee received a donation in excess of $400 from Harriman Merchants Association.

The gift was presented by Harriman Merchants Association President Kim Inman and Treasurer Nancy Jacoby to Mike Demyanovich, president of the restoration committee.

“We really felt like that the Temperance Building is a city icon and are in support of its restoration,” Inman said. “The Harriman Merchants Association has helped in the past with beautification projects in the city, but we felt that the city is working hard to get the Temperance Building restored and wanted to contribute as well.”

The Harriman Temperance Building was built in 1891 as headquarters for the East Tennessee Land Co., which was responsible for selling the property now known as Harriman.

Over time, the building has been used as the city jail, courthouse and is now home of the Harriman Heritage Museum.

The Temperance Building is now closed due to renovations, and there is no date as to when it will be opened again. The Tennessee Historic Preservation Commission has been instrumental in the renovation process by awarding several grants to the city.

“We are eager to see it opened to the public again and newly renovated,” Inman said. “It is going to take a lot of money and work to bring it back, and every bit helps.”