Tennesseans can guitar their car and help music education

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No U.S. state even comes close to Tennessee’s musical significance and global influence.

From the Mississippi River through Music City, U.S.A. to the Appalachian Trail, the sounds of Tennessee’s blues, rock, country, soul, rockabilly, Bluegrass, rhythm and blues, gospel and other musical influences have changed the cultural complexion of an entire planet.

The only options for Tennessee music lovers to tag their cars, however, were for Elvis Presley fans and a purple cat playing a saxophone.

Until now.

The Memphis Rock’n’ Soul Museum and the Gibson Foundation have unveiled a new specialty license plate to rock auto bumpers while properly promoting Tennessee as the most musical state in the nation.

The new license plate also becomes the first to specifically benefit music education for Tennessee’s students.

Proceeds from specialty plate sales will benefit music education initiatives led by Tennessee music museums and charities, including the Memphis Rock’n’Soul Museum, which gained authorization for the plate from the Tennessee General Assembly.

The Gibson Foundation will assist in the distribution of proceeds to other music museums and music education initiatives throughout Tennessee, including the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol.

“Pride in Tennessee’s musical legacy runs statewide and is unequalled,” said David Berryman, Gibson Guitar Corp. president.

“This license plate offers a great way for Tennesseans to provide critical music education to
students throughout the state, and a great way to promote Tennessee’s unique, world-recognized musical prominence,” he added.

The Memphis Rock’n’ Soul Museum and the Gibson Foundation are both 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

License plates are available for preorder for $35 online at www.tnmusicplate.com.

Once 1,000 plates are preordered, the Tennessee Department of Transportation will begin production.

“No car driving the roads of the Home of the Blues, the Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll or the Country Music Capital of the World should be condemned to a plain, pale green license plate,” said John Doyle, executive director of the Memphis Rock’n’Soul Museum.

Call 901-205-2536 for more information.