These dronezzz are bigger threat to our society

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The  guest opinion article by Gene Policinski in the Feb. 22 edition of Roane County news gave an overview of the spread of “drone” technology and its possible uses against American citizens.

Violation of First Amendment rights was an expressed concern should our own government authorities use this technology improperly.

I am more concerned that the citizens of America will find this technology fascinating and that many with the means and inclination will be able to acquire their own drones, first for competitions, then evolving into less savory uses.

Could it be possible that some day we will see a hangar and launch pad for a drone beside each garage?

These could be just a small technological leap from the already popular remote controlled model airplanes.

Great fun!  

And we could all spy on each other from hundreds of feet above the target, locate that 12-point buck or the patch of “wacky weed” growing amongst the tomatoes in someones garden!

Then there’s the hacker class who would delight in taking control of a drone in flight and redirecting it to buzz anglers in bass tournaments on the lake. Then on the darker side, imagine how these machines could be used to cause mayhem and destruction! Oh, chills and paranoia!

Personally, I am far more concerned about the drones in Washington: the gray-haired comb-overs who drone on and on in interminably boring and useless committee hearings interrupted only for meals and floor votes. They represent the real danger to us all!

The seniority system perpetuates these relics of a forgotten era and assures them of tenure until total incapitation or rigor mortis, whichever comes first.

What we need to protect us from this class of drone is a retroactive term limit amendment to the Constitution; a not very likely prospect since the Supremes currently serving on the bench are also similarly afflicted!

Oxygen, anyone?

B.J. Gillum