Think before you vote — and do a little research, too

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Do you remember when the three R’s stood for education in our schools and was good for us? Now it seems to stand for Republican, Romney, and Ryan. Those three R’s may not be in our best interest. Before you automatically vote Republican, take time to find out about another R — Karl Rove and his power over the Republican Congress.

Rove was instrumental in the Bush administration’s decisions those past eight years, and he hasn’t given up any power yet. After those years of war, debt, and us being run by big money, we have expected the president to cure all our problems in less than four years.

He is the president trying to work with a Congress that was hogtied by Grover Norquest.

While you are looking up Rove, take time to find out about Norquest and his “Contract with America.”

Money talks and they have money. Have your wages stayed the same while the CEOs have been doing very well? Think before you vote.

We all want an equal chance for a good life. Think before you vote.

Barbara Grunwell